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26th Oct 2009, 01:39 PM
I found a great place to buy Polly Scale paint cheap ($2.00/1oz bottle)! I didn't want to post the info here until I had checked it out myself (to make sure it was what I expected) I ordered last Wed. and received today Monday. The name is "BearAir" Main page: http://www.bearair.com/
Here is a link to the Polly Scale paint:
http://www.bearair.com/Polly-Scale-R...products/1129/ (http://www.bearair.com/Polly-Scale-Railroad/products/1129/)

This place has everything from soup to nuts when it comes to airbrushing. There shipping is a little high (I paid $14.82 for 14 bottles of paint and 1 paint cup so I figure add $1 to the cost of each bottle and I'm still way ahead at $3/ 1oz bottle). Check them out!:D

26th Oct 2009, 09:03 PM
Nice deal, Chuck... a great find. :thanks:

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