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  1. MuddyCreek's Avatar
    Nice! I think that it says as much about the respect he has for you as he has for his toys. He sounds like a keeper.

  2. Jugtown Modeler's Avatar
    That bridge must be built extra tough. We have a low RR overpass nearby and it shifts the entire bridge when a truck hits it. Has only happened twice in the last dozen years that I know of but it holds up rail traffic for a few weeks while it is fixed.
  3. Vince P's Avatar
    That shows who's paying attention and who's looking at their hood ornament (insane)
  4. RailKing50's Avatar
    I saw this the other day. I wonder how many box trucks and campers will have to hit the bridge before something gets done about it!? It looks like it is going to take a lot!!
  5. Shannon's Avatar
    haahahahaha. ill show this to the guys at the car club meet tomorrow. hahahah
  6. kfb55364's Avatar
    thanks for a good laugh I did have to share this with one of my brothers in laws who is a car enthusiast and street rodder
  7. Herc Driver's Avatar
    Happy Birthday Navy!

    I've got some time in the C-9A (USAF version) and loved flying that plane. Fast, quiet, dependable.
  8. wentzeljr's Avatar
    Been 24 years for me (2/1990). Black shoe navy.