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  1. Jugtown Modeler's Avatar
    All the best Tred. In and outs, ups and downs are all normal.
  2. zosimas's Avatar
    sounds crazy busy, but happy too, except the work part,...
  3. MuddyCreek's Avatar
    Nice! I think that it says as much about the respect he has for you as he has for his toys. He sounds like a keeper.

  4. Jugtown Modeler's Avatar
    That bridge must be built extra tough. We have a low RR overpass nearby and it shifts the entire bridge when a truck hits it. Has only happened twice in the last dozen years that I know of but it holds up rail traffic for a few weeks while it is fixed.
  5. Vince P's Avatar
    That shows who's paying attention and who's looking at their hood ornament (insane)
  6. RailKing50's Avatar
    I saw this the other day. I wonder how many box trucks and campers will have to hit the bridge before something gets done about it!? It looks like it is going to take a lot!!
  7. Shannon's Avatar
    haahahahaha. ill show this to the guys at the car club meet tomorrow. hahahah
  8. kfb55364's Avatar
    thanks for a good laugh I did have to share this with one of my brothers in laws who is a car enthusiast and street rodder
  9. Herc Driver's Avatar
    Happy Birthday Navy!

    I've got some time in the C-9A (USAF version) and loved flying that plane. Fast, quiet, dependable.
  10. wentzeljr's Avatar
    Been 24 years for me (2/1990). Black shoe navy.