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  1. Build thread index

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    Most of you know that I produce free plans for making your own structure models. Scratch building construction can be a little intimidating to someone without experience, so to make it easier, this collection of build threads shows techniques and tips not normally seen in the Sketch sets.
  2. Happy Patriots Day!!!!

    No, this isn't a day set aside for the New England Patriots football team, it is a state holiday here in MA. Towns like Lexington and Concord reenact Revolutionary War battles, etc (much to the chagrin of anti-gun residents).

    There's also a little marathon that gets run every year that ends on Boylston Street in Boston, occasionally marred by terrorist's bombs.

    So to mark this day, I share with the forum the classic Boston & Maine "minuteman" logo, depicting ...
  3. Sanding tower

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    I believe Pola has the same model - tank is on its side however

    Walters Cornerstone has the same structure - the picture places the sanding tower across the track - just move it and leave off the other spout.

    JV Models has the similar kit - same
  4. The New York Central System - a Highly Detailed HCD 3x8 Layout

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    I finally started installing the Tam Valley turnout controllers... Here are some pics and a video

  5. Blocks & common rails, old subject

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    Common rail should remain only for DC. For years I included AC to that 1 rail & got away with it. Anyone have pro's or con's on this I'd like to hear.