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  1. Happy Patriots Day!!!!

    No, this isn't a day set aside for the New England Patriots football team, it is a state holiday here in MA. Towns like Lexington and Concord reenact Revolutionary War battles, etc (much to the chagrin of anti-gun residents).

    There's also a little marathon that gets run every year that ends on Boylston Street in Boston, occasionally marred by terrorist's bombs.

    So to mark this day, I share with the forum the classic Boston & Maine "minuteman" logo, depicting ...
  2. Sanding tower

    Quote Originally Posted by Scotian_Huntress View Post
    I believe Pola has the same model - tank is on its side however

    Walters Cornerstone has the same structure - the picture places the sanding tower across the track - just move it and leave off the other spout.

    JV Models has the similar kit - same
  3. The New York Central System - a Highly Detailed HCD 3x8 Layout

    Quote Originally Posted by AndyL View Post
    I finally started installing the Tam Valley turnout controllers... Here are some pics and a video

  4. Blocks & common rails, old subject

    Quote Originally Posted by chuck67 View Post
    Common rail should remain only for DC. For years I included AC to that 1 rail & got away with it. Anyone have pro's or con's on this I'd like to hear.
  5. My Feather River Canyon (26'8" X 50'8")

    Quote Originally Posted by Rodsup9000 View Post
    Got some more lighting done. Here is the link to the led's strips and power supply's I'm using.

    LED strips: Non weatherproof, 300 led's and 5050

    Power supply: These will handle 10 strings of the led strips using about 70 to 75% of the rated 30 amps. (thinking maybe longer life of the PS)