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  1. Jim Fitzgerald’s Legacy Inspires an Accidental Train Collector to Build N-Scale DB

    George Michaels, Founder of TroveStar N-Scale Model Train Database

    by George Michaels, Founder of TroveStar N-Scale Model Train Database

    In the summer of 2015, I began work creating the N-Scale Model Train Database on TroveStar, a database of n-scale items released since the 1960s. As of December 20, 2017, the database tally was 47,800+ locos, rolling stock, structures
  2. Elsewhere Yard

    Quote Originally Posted by SteamPower4ever View Post
    Yet another redesign.

    This time I've slimmed the entire yard down somewhat. From 40/55/70cm module widths to 40/50/60 cm, which should save some lumber, storage/transport space and overall weight.
    I sacrificed two yard tracks and taking advise from @Heiko, I grouped the yard into two groups of four tracks, giving a better overview of the many tracks. That should make life a bit easier for the yardmasters at module meets.

    The ladders may look a little strange and I'd
  3. Miscellaneous

    Watched "Lizzie Bennet Diaries" TV comedy show on the TBD network. Show features a 20-something discussing things & having friends/relatives in front of a web camera for others out there to see. In this episode, father had bought a real train whistle for Xmas and was blowing it several times throughout the show.

    Have a Lenovo pc with XP. A while back installed Xubuntu but the WIFI did not function. The other night hooked the pc through the Ethernet port which did function. ...
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  4. New CPU needed ....

    Do we have any Computer Techs/Guru's here?

    If we do, I am in the process of building a new computer for my wife running Windows 7. What I want to use as a CPU is the following:

    Intel i7-6700k (Skylake) Processor.

    I have read that microsucks has stopped support of windows 7 with their "new" 7th generation (plus) processors and that anything other than (pretty much) windows 10 can be run on them.

    Some people say that the Intel 6th gen ...
  5. 2017, what a year!

    Well, the 2017 work season is now over, time to shift into winter service.
    It was a great year. Our crew went the entire year injury free (both serious and minor), we were highest out of the 3 tie crews in production, and I am very proud of my crew, BC LD tie 3. Worked behind a great production tamper operator. He tamped and I filled in, broomed, and trimmed over 120 miles of track over 4 subdivisions. Best day for tamping was just under 8,800 feet.
    Best work year yet for me.