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  1. Miscellaneous

    Watched "Lizzie Bennet Diaries" TV comedy show on the TBD network. Show features a 20-something discussing things & having friends/relatives in front of a web camera for others out there to see. In this episode, father had bought a real train whistle for Xmas and was blowing it several times throughout the show.

    Have a Lenovo pc with XP. A while back installed Xubuntu but the WIFI did not function. The other night hooked the pc through the Ethernet port which did function. ...
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  2. New CPU needed ....

    Do we have any Computer Techs/Guru's here?

    If we do, I am in the process of building a new computer for my wife running Windows 7. What I want to use as a CPU is the following:

    Intel i7-6700k (Skylake) Processor.

    I have read that microsucks has stopped support of windows 7 with their "new" 7th generation (plus) processors and that anything other than (pretty much) windows 10 can be run on them.

    Some people say that the Intel 6th gen ...
  3. 2017, what a year!

    Well, the 2017 work season is now over, time to shift into winter service.
    It was a great year. Our crew went the entire year injury free (both serious and minor), we were highest out of the 3 tie crews in production, and I am very proud of my crew, BC LD tie 3. Worked behind a great production tamper operator. He tamped and I filled in, broomed, and trimmed over 120 miles of track over 4 subdivisions. Best day for tamping was just under 8,800 feet.
    Best work year yet for me.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    To all my friends Stateside

    I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Peace and happiness to you and your families.

  5. Oakridge Hobbies ....

    Anyone ever bought anything over the net from Oakridge Hobbies?

    I ordered a number (7) DPM Kits from them on the 26th of last month and, other than the confirmation email from them, have heard nothing more. They claim they send a shipping email when the order is shipped. IF that is so, it takes them longer than 5 full days to process and ship something?

    Just wondering if this is the norm for that mob or if it is an anomaly in my case.