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  1. Anyone out there with a track planning software program that could make a drawing

    I have a plan I would like to use but I am not smart enough to figure out any good track planning software for a Mac. If interested in assisting and drawing my layout true with correct radius and everything else would compensate for your time.
  2. Board game: Ticket to Ride

    Will Wheaton & several others play this game on the TBD network as part of the TableTop series. Visit Amazon @ above link.

    Will Wheaton plays Wesley Crusher on Star Trek. TableTop is a program featuring Will and several others playing various board games. This reminds me of a weekly TV series a long time ago of people playing ...
  3. Memorial Day

    Happy Memorial Day to everyone. Especially those who served and are serving now. A great big THANK YOU for your service. Everyone stay save this long weekend.
  4. Pinnacle & Western - Floorplan

    Here's the new footprint for PWRR.

    Attachment 89112

    The layout footprint (in black) measures approx. 125 in. by 112 in.
    The red areas are access paths to the closet on the left, and the circuit breaker box in the top right.
    The orange circle shows where the helix will be located.

    Here's the new footprint with the old footprint overlayed in blue.

    Attachment 89113

    The original design had access around ...
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  5. Life: 1 - Model Railroading: 0

    Not much progress has been made on the Pinnacle & Western since my last post. It seems like life has demanded more than it's fair share of time in the last few months. Even though there's been no construction progress, a lot of thinking has gone into the PWRR.

    I've decided to redesign the layout structure. In the first design, the only access to the interior was by crawling under the layout. Like everyone else, I'm getting older and stiffer, and the more I think about it, ...