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  1. Cement, stations, baseball and cancer...enough topics for you?

    Ebeneezer Hardstuff, Beaufield's wealthiest and possibly shadiest citizen may have made the biggest mistake of his recent career. Longtime proponent of the mix-more-than-you-need theory of concrete work, his latest project seems to have come up short! Hired by the "B" Line to pour the foundation for the new terminal and platforms, Mr. Hardstuff spent considerable time with laser level's and concrete forms, making sure he was prepared, and then...voila!...he was about 50% under supplied ...
  2. Train Layout

    Hopefully painting some rocks this weekend and the lake. Waiting for my fishing people to come in then I can finish lake. I'm hoping it comes out good like I vision it.
    wish me luck
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  3. Three Day Chemo Session: A Walk-Through

    Many of you are probably aware that I am presently (still) undergoing chemotherapy. I made a blog entry quite a while ago, detailing how the cancer was found (pure luck) and the following surgery. You can find it here: A Medical Message that may Save Your Life!
    That was back in February 2012.

    I also started an update thread back in June 2012 (here: Alligator Lines: Status Update (and for me as well) ) and updated it in December 2012, I have done nothing in the way of updates since ...
  4. Today is June 6, 2013

    Today is June 6, 2013. It is also the 69th anniversary of D-Day (or the Normandy invasion) when allied troops stormed the beaches of Normandy with the objective of finally beating the Nazis into the ground.

    You may find further information at the following two sites. There are many more!
  5. Upcoming Windows 8.1 - an Update

    This update is based on recent Windows 8.1 (“Blue”) information provided by Microsoft and is an add-on to my blog entry of 14th May, 2013, Windows 8: My Experiences.

    When Microsoft recently provided more information regarding the upcoming Windows 8.1, one of their highlights was the return of the Start button – well, sort of! There will, indeed, be a Start button but all it will do is take you to the Start screen! However, you will be able to configure that screen any way you want ...