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  1. Windows 8.1 Preview Installed and Running!

    After writing about my experiences with Windows 8 ( and providing some information about the upcoming Windows 8.1 (released June 26, 2013), I felt almost obligated to install 8.1 and give it a spin!

    My original intent had been to install 8.1 over my current Win 8 using the Windows Store version (after creating a repair/restore disk). However, during my research about installing 8.1 I read so many times words to the ...
  2. MRC Control master 20

    hi all

    i have a mrc power control master 20 that was given to me from a club member and i'm in search of the walk around throttle for it.does anybody know were you can find one. i have checked ebay and no go.

  3. Spitfires Transporting Beer in WWII!

    One of the lesser known stories from WWII and it appears to be true!

    Edit: I should make it clear that I did not write the following text. It was sent to me in an email from a friend. An internet search revealed lots of sites carrying this story!

    The underbelly of history. A lot of stories like this buried with the men who fulfilled the missions... In the lighter moments of WWII, the Spitfire was used in an unorthodox role: bringing beer kegs to the men in Normandy. ...

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  4. Happy Anniversary

    H all,

    Andrew (Ridgeline) just reminded me that it is the anniversary of this site!

    CONGRATULATIONS! For making it to 10 years!

    I just want to thank all the folks who have contributed to creating this site, are working behind the scenes to make it run smoothly and all y'all for being so welcoming, friendly and helpful. I came from NscaleLimited where it seemed to be a small, talented group. I felt welcome there as well but the site had troubles and passed ...
  5. Cement, stations, baseball and cancer...enough topics for you?

    Ebeneezer Hardstuff, Beaufield's wealthiest and possibly shadiest citizen may have made the biggest mistake of his recent career. Longtime proponent of the mix-more-than-you-need theory of concrete work, his latest project seems to have come up short! Hired by the "B" Line to pour the foundation for the new terminal and platforms, Mr. Hardstuff spent considerable time with laser level's and concrete forms, making sure he was prepared, and then...voila!...he was about 50% under supplied ...