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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

    To all my friends Stateside

    I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. Peace and happiness to you and your families.

  2. Oakridge Hobbies ....

    Anyone ever bought anything over the net from Oakridge Hobbies?

    I ordered a number (7) DPM Kits from them on the 26th of last month and, other than the confirmation email from them, have heard nothing more. They claim they send a shipping email when the order is shipped. IF that is so, it takes them longer than 5 full days to process and ship something?

    Just wondering if this is the norm for that mob or if it is an anomaly in my case.
  3. Growing Tree Seedlings

    Figured I would give you an update to what the boys and me have been doing besides baseball.
    As some of you know the wife and me purchased 92 acres of hunting land this spring.
    The boys wanted to grow some trees for the land from seed (which is a cool project for kids) so we collected some maple helicopters and planted them.
    Here are the boys planting the seeds (autumn blaze & sliver maple)

    The waiting game
  4. Anyone out there with a track planning software program that could make a drawing

    I have a plan I would like to use but I am not smart enough to figure out any good track planning software for a Mac. If interested in assisting and drawing my layout true with correct radius and everything else would compensate for your time.
  5. Board game: Ticket to Ride

    Will Wheaton & several others play this game on the TBD network as part of the TableTop series. Visit Amazon @ above link.

    Will Wheaton plays Wesley Crusher on Star Trek. TableTop is a program featuring Will and several others playing various board games. This reminds me of a weekly TV series a long time ago of people playing ...
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