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  1. Futuristic Amtrak on commercial this morning TV

    An animated passenger train featured on a commercial about some prescription drug either during the View or some other program.

    Saw the Rocky Mountaineer train on PBS last night. Passenger train runs north from Vancouver, Canada for several hours on a scenic trip. New cars & engine. Wish Amtrak would be updated.
  2. New locomotive + rolling stock database for OS X and iOS!

    I just started creating my own database for all my locos and rolling stock, complete with drop-down boxes, radio-buttons, photo fields, and other neat stuff. I'm building it in an app called Ninox for OS X (also available for iOS). Here's my first sample screen:

    Customizable drop-down fields are a breeze!

    For Windows users, if there's enough ...

    Updated 20th Feb 2017 at 06:48 AM by Metrolink

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  3. Nikon's ultimate portrait lens!

    Nikon's ultimate full-frame portrait lens: The new AF-S Nikkor 105mm f/1.4E ED.

    Wow! A couple months ago, Nikon launched something photographers have been dreaming about: An f/1.4 105mm portrait lens. It's a real beauty, and by all reports, this lens is nothing less than magical. It also comes with a magical price: $2,196.95. But as many photo enthusiasts are aware, f/1.4 lenses are the Holy Grail of fast lenses, permitting ...
  4. My roster of freight cars & engines

    Attached are 2 rosters I created in pdf format. One is for freight cars and the other is for engines with or without DCC. I used Yard Office, a commercial database designed for model railroaders. There are 2 HO boxcars & 1 O gondola in the list. Sometimes I show others the size of these versus N-scale.

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  5. LBRC rail expansion

    The Lynchburg-Blue Ridge-Culpeper Railway is expanding throughout Virginia. The board of directors is contemplating a new company name that would be a better representation of the company as a whole due to the rail expansion.....stay tuned!
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