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    My credit card just expired recently, so before I decided to throw it away, I decided to put it to use on my layout one last time
    I got a hobby knife and cut out the bank logo -- voila! instant N-scale bank sign! I plan to use one of those Kato 4-story office buildings to be my bank and stick this Wells Fargo logo on top of it.


    I also noticed that other cards, like gift cards can be an excellent source for modern signs. A Starbucks Gift Card, for example, has its logo in roughly the same size, and I believe it's even double-sided! A perfect thing to use if you're modeling a Starbucks on your layout.
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    1. Lake's Avatar
      Lake -
      Great Idea!
    1. glakedylan's Avatar
      glakedylan -
      that is very creative
      appreciation your sharing
      good idea!
    1. nscaler711's Avatar
      nscaler711 -
      Cant find Thanks button.... would hit it sooo many times!!
    1. mpacillo's Avatar
      mpacillo -
      Clever! High marts in the "reuse, re-purpose" category! Thanks for sharing it.
    1. warnerj01's Avatar
      warnerj01 -
      Awesome Idea. I'll have to try this.
    1. russtrnmn's Avatar
      russtrnmn -
      They also make good scratch building material. They are also good for smoothing out roads.
    1. LBRCRailway's Avatar
      LBRCRailway -
      Great idea! Thanks.
    1. raydobbs's Avatar
      raydobbs -
      That's a great use for the family mafioso of banking's card... better than actually using their banking services.
    1. the virginian's Avatar
      the virginian -
      Why didnt I think of that. Truly a great idea.
    1. auggie's Avatar
      auggie -
      What a great idea ty
    1. FPM_Michael's Avatar
      FPM_Michael -
      AHHH! I just tossed a card. I could have used that. Great Idea
    1. kje3429's Avatar
      kje3429 -
      Just shredded mine last week! Will remember for future!