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    When I was trying to stripe the parking lots and using a ruler a lot of the time when I tried to lift up the ruler (scale) the paint would smear. So, I made three little aides out of scrap styrene (if there is such a thing). They were especially handy when I couldn't get a 6" scale into the area I wanted to stripe. I made them to scale for 9.5' wide and 18' long. One for left diagonal, one for head on and one for right diagonal. If you needed one for parallel parking you could make one for that as well. But, I cant remember the width or length off hand. These are the lengths I determined after researching some striping info on the web. Anyway, the lines now come out nice and sharp with no smearing. They won't, however stop bleeding under them if to much paint is applied. Especially, on a rough surface. Hope this might help someone.
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      10-7 -
      this is a good Idea !
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      magi46 -
      You sure your not a Yankee, such ingenuity. Very inventive. Thanks.
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      el_mejor_pollo -
      Great idea!
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      cv_acr -
      Paint pens?

      Looks like the spacers work well with that.
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      kje3429 -
      Great idea! Will use!
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      epumph -
      I'll will be making up a set as soon as I get some parking lots and businesses finished. Great job!
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      I'm having a problem seeing the posted attachments. Can anyone say why this might happen? I am new to NScale.net
      This is the message I see when I click on one: Invalid Attachment specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator

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      Viperjim1 -
      I have used the micro scale dry transfers for my road lines and parking lot lines and really work well.
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      RH Bay -
      Very neat job! Thank you for sharing your idea.
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      1to3 -
      great ideas