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    MB Klein Site Update

    They're still working on it. Site is down as I type. Keep in mind with everything computer-related, there's always bugs to be worked out.

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    MB Klein Site Update

    I imagine I’ll get used to it sooner or later. Right now, the one thing I miss most is being able to display 300 items at a go. Makes browsing through

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    MB Klein Site Update

    Looks like they did a major redesign on the site. Old site was getting painfully slow. At first glance the site looked good but wow do I hate the over

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    Chicago Rail

    Weekend Update (16th Feb 2018)

    I dunno that wall looks good in the photo which is why I asked.

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    Weekend Update (16th Feb 2018)

    "Hand-carved stone." The one on the lodge is "Fine." That wall is "Medium." The rocks on the medium are a little oversize

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  • Gpf2 build thread

    Just finished the General purpose factory 2 build. It was an easy build and simply followed my directions.

    First was printing templates, cutting them out, and using rubber cement, glued to the styrene.


    cutting window openings with a corner punch

    prepared windows and door frames for painting (used double sided tape)

    windows and frames painted (3 light coats)

    making overhead door trim from .020 x .060 strips (different from sketch set, but it was what I had on hand)

    cutting window glazing pieces

    installing window glazing using "Testors clear parts cement and window maker"

    all walls ready for gluing to base
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    1. magi46's Avatar
      magi46 -
      OK - The blue paint for the building is........
    1. 10-7's Avatar
      10-7 -
      I like it Gary ! I just might try it.....
    1. gary60s's Avatar
      gary60s -
      Quote Originally Posted by magi46 View Post
      OK - The blue paint for the building is........
      Acrylic "Calypso Sky" by Folkart.
    1. Matthewd5's Avatar
      Matthewd5 -
      I'm not familiar with that kit/process but it came out beautiful...

      did is you have to cut out every window opening?

    1. gary60s's Avatar
      gary60s -
      Cutting window openings is up to you. You may eliminate any you want, or add some. Builders choice.

      See the Sketch set :

    1. dick green's Avatar
      dick green -
      so where is the completed structure
    1. gary60s's Avatar
      gary60s -
      Quote Originally Posted by dick green View Post
      so where is the completed structure
      Check the build thread. It is different than the Article: http://www.nscale.net/forums/showthread.php?39113-Gpf2-build-thread