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    MB Klein Site Update

    Do you know if the wishlists carried over?

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    MB Klein Site Update

    It's not unusual when rolling out a site update for the new site to be activated in stages... Give it a few days (or weeks), I'm sure they will add and/or

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    MB Klein Site Update

    Shopping carts have disappeared if you had items in them before Tuesday. That was part of their old website providers system and did not carry over.

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    MB Klein Site Update

    They are missing so much stuff on the site now . Last week there was products i had in my cart that are now not even showing , for instance a track cleaning

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    MB Klein Site Update

    I'm certainly waiting for it to get up to speed, great selection there and awesome service. Itching to get at going into the dream like trance of lusting

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  • Gpf2 build thread

    Just finished the General purpose factory 2 build. It was an easy build and simply followed my directions.

    First was printing templates, cutting them out, and using rubber cement, glued to the styrene.


    cutting window openings with a corner punch

    prepared windows and door frames for painting (used double sided tape)

    windows and frames painted (3 light coats)

    making overhead door trim from .020 x .060 strips (different from sketch set, but it was what I had on hand)

    cutting window glazing pieces

    installing window glazing using "Testors clear parts cement and window maker"

    all walls ready for gluing to base
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    1. magi46's Avatar
      magi46 -
      OK - The blue paint for the building is........
    1. 10-7's Avatar
      10-7 -
      I like it Gary ! I just might try it.....
    1. gary60s's Avatar
      gary60s -
      Quote Originally Posted by magi46 View Post
      OK - The blue paint for the building is........
      Acrylic "Calypso Sky" by Folkart.
    1. Matthewd5's Avatar
      Matthewd5 -
      I'm not familiar with that kit/process but it came out beautiful...

      did is you have to cut out every window opening?

    1. gary60s's Avatar
      gary60s -
      Cutting window openings is up to you. You may eliminate any you want, or add some. Builders choice.

      See the Sketch set :

    1. dick green's Avatar
      dick green -
      so where is the completed structure
    1. gary60s's Avatar
      gary60s -
      Quote Originally Posted by dick green View Post
      so where is the completed structure
      Check the build thread. It is different than the Article: http://www.nscale.net/forums/showthread.php?39113-Gpf2-build-thread