• Step by Step of my decoder install into two Kato RDC cars

    For those who do not follow my build thread, I wanted to just post a brief note here. I have documented step by step how to install a DN143K2 decoder into Kato Budd RDC cars.

    The topic is covered in four parts in my build thread:

    • Part 1: Parts, tools, and getting the shell and undercarriage off the car.
    • Part 2: Remainder of the disassembly
    • Part 3: Installing the decoder board and reattachment of seating panel
    • Part 4: Modification of the light clips and final reassembly

    Here is the link to part 1. The four parts are consecutive posts in my build thread.

    I hope some of you find this useful.

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    1. emaleyiii's Avatar
      emaleyiii -
      Great thread. I did one of mt RDC's and was suprised, it is not that hard. Looking at the process beforehand I was a little concerned, but it is really no big deal. The disassembly was the issue, but it was not hard at all. If you have wanted to do this and were a little freaked out, go for it.