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    Sasquatch Sam

    Hello from Canada

    I am just getting back into modeling after several years away from most of my hobbies due to Work and family. Thanks for letting me join

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    Sasquatch Sam


    Hi I found this site while stumbling around the internet. I am currently planning to build my first new layout after several years away from the hobby.

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    [RAIL N SCALE] Bonus Sets Winter season 2017 -2018


    NEW: Bonus Set “1980s Street view” (Era IV)
    With this set you can display true 1980s street view. This set includes a Fiat 126

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    Black Friday Sales 2017

    Yes, they are going to charge YOU and ONLY YOU double MSRP for every item. Oh, and triple postage...

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    Imrc gp10?

    Personally, I always disable all of that prototypical start-up / slow-down behavior in my DCC-Sound locomotives (whether I'm running them with other non-sound

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  • Making deciduous trees for a winter scene

    I have been hunting for good looking deciduous trees for a snow-covered winter mountain scene that will be filled mostly by pines and firs. There are several options in larger scales, but few in N scale (and these are quite expensive). The typical plastic tree armatures that are used to add flocking to don't look realistic to me, even when painted. My wife found this decorative item "Cinnamon Broom" and thought it might work. It looks like these are made from pine, then mildly scented with cinnamon. Straight out of the package they are too narrow and don't have enough main branches, but with some careful cutting and a little cyanoacrylate, I was able to graft some extra branches on. Add a little Woodland Scenics Flex Past for snow and they look not half bad mingled in with the evergreens. Thankfully, when using just a few twigs, the cinnamon scent is absent (so hopefully I won't have live little critters crawling through my forest).

    Anyone else used this stuff before? Any thoughts on improving the look would be appreciated, or ideas for other materials.

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    1. ike8120's Avatar
      ike8120 -
      The cinnamon broom would surely add a nice scent to your train room. In all honesty I have used super trees and grow a tree.


    1. ike8120's Avatar
      ike8120 -
      IMO the trees look pretty good
    1. danb's Avatar
      danb -
      Thanks for the feedback. I am still working on making them look more realistic. Yes, the SuperTrees look great, and given that I don't need a whole forest they would be affordable. However, a huge package of this cinnamon broom stuff cost less than one SuperTree, so I thought I'd work on it some more. I'll post an update when I have something better.
    1. KWLEDBETTER's Avatar
      They look really goods honestly. Only suggestion would be if you can spread them out a little more ( I know you already mentioned this being the challenge). But, in my opinion they still look to upright for most deciduous trees. Most are shorter and fatter then their evergreen cousins.

      Maybe experiment with putting a branch sideways and then cutting the main trunk off? Not sure but key will finding a way to fill out the sides.
    1. danb's Avatar
      danb -
      Good suggestion. Will try that.