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    Sasquatch Sam

    Hello from Canada

    I am just getting back into modeling after several years away from most of my hobbies due to Work and family. Thanks for letting me join

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    Sasquatch Sam


    Hi I found this site while stumbling around the internet. I am currently planning to build my first new layout after several years away from the hobby.

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    [RAIL N SCALE] Bonus Sets Winter season 2017 -2018


    NEW: Bonus Set “1980s Street view” (Era IV)
    With this set you can display true 1980s street view. This set includes a Fiat 126

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    Black Friday Sales 2017

    Yes, they are going to charge YOU and ONLY YOU double MSRP for every item. Oh, and triple postage...

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    Imrc gp10?

    Personally, I always disable all of that prototypical start-up / slow-down behavior in my DCC-Sound locomotives (whether I'm running them with other non-sound

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