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    Allen H.

    Weekend Update (21st Oct 2016)

    Gonna run a test session tomorrow and see if I have solved my Wheel Report issue.
    On the last session we had several misplaced cars and several

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    Weekend Update (14th Oct 2016)

    Just completed a two train ops session going in opposite directions on a single main line.... timing and speed were critical and there were no incidents

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    Weekend Update (14th Oct 2016)

    Finished some track modifications, before and after:

    Before is old photo, and didn't take a newer one before modifying. But you'll see the

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    Weekend Update (14th Oct 2016)

    My work this week has been focused on building the extension to my HO layout.

    So no photos to show here I'm afraid.

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    Weekend Update (21st Oct 2016)

    Please update us on the progress you have made on your MRR projects this week (commencing: 21st Oct 2016).

    This weekly thread is to post

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