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    Allen H.

    Imrc gp10?

    Well good for you Jenny! Now we can all relax.

    Here's my issue, like I said I have not an issue mixing chip brands.
    I currently run

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    Black Friday Sales 2017

    I thought it would be cool to have a place to share Black Friday Deals.

    I guess I was mostly thinking train related but maybe tools of the

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    How to start a club?

    They have a pretty massive Ho layout in a really crowded room in the back driveway-side / basement of a commercial mini-mall -- I think they have been

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    Mobile One

    How to start a club?

    You've got me curious. What kind of events do they do that people are willing to pay money for? Are they just setting up displays in various places?

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    Imrc gp10?

    Must be something different going on, then, because I've got a couple of LokPilot Micro V4s on my layout and they weren't all that hard to program to

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