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BryanC (RIP)

Windows 8.1 Preview Installed and Running!

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After writing about my experiences with Windows 8 ( and providing some information about the upcoming Windows 8.1 (released June 26, 2013), I felt almost obligated to install 8.1 and give it a spin!

My original intent had been to install 8.1 over my current Win 8 using the Windows Store version (after creating a repair/restore disk). However, during my research about installing 8.1 I read so many times words to the effect the 8.1 Preview was a Beta test version and to not install in over you current Win 8 unless it was secondary machine.

Additionally, if you do this it is a one-way street! When the final 8.1 is released later in the year it would be necessary to re-install Windows 8 and install the update from it. That, of course, would mean having to re-install all of your Apps! I ditched that idea.

Instead I created a new partition on my disk drive and, using the OSI version (disk image), I installed 8.1 there. I now have a dual boot machine, every time I turn the machine on, or do a restart, I choose whether I want Windows 8.1 Preview or Windows 8!

When the final 8.1 is released later in the year I will install that over Windows 8 and remove the new partition (and the 8.1 Preview)!

The 8.1 Preview install went very smoothly and I have not experienced a single glitch with 8.1 as yet! Right now I am very happy with it.

I do plan on following this entry up with a more detailed description of the process for those interested in trying 8.1 out. In the meantime here are a couple of links to Microsoft forums that discuss 8.1 and the issues some are having (most issues seem to be with tablets and some laptops). Here are the links:
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