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Adventures on the BCCRL

It has been a long time......

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Bear and the rest of the BCCRL crew found that Artifact City had just to many issues to overcome. The land was not made for reworking those old tracks, the weather was unpredictable at best and down right frigid at worst, the local politicians did not appreciate all the hard work they put into growing the area. So the BCCRL started looking for a new place to open shop.

While looking for interesting markets Little Monkey Bear was contacted by a Mr. Fancy Walrus who owned a remarkable little business manufacturing neck ties and monocles. They were looking to grow and had located a wonderful town called Oak Heart Village. Do not let the name fool you, this town is growing rapidly and there just happens to be a need for some rail service in the area.

After much discussion and review it was decided that the BCCRL would try to relocate to Oak Heart Village.

Once Bear rolled into town in the BCCRL #001 with work train in tow, he knew... He just simply knew.... This was going to be a remarkable new adventure....

This place even had familiar sounding land marks and street names..... the possibilities are almost endless....

Here we go again..........
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