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Growing Tree Seedlings

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Figured I would give you an update to what the boys and me have been doing besides baseball.
As some of you know the wife and me purchased 92 acres of hunting land this spring.
The boys wanted to grow some trees for the land from seed (which is a cool project for kids) so we collected some maple helicopters and planted them.
Here are the boys planting the seeds (autumn blaze & sliver maple)

The waiting game

Why there is something growing

Getting bigger

Well like everything else we are having fun growing the trees and decided to grow some more
What do they say "well this escalated quickly" and some seedling trays were purchased and the rest of the seeds planted

As with everything in life we learn as we go and the trays I purchased were too small for the growing roots
Enough of that, time to go extreme right?
Traveling the great net I came across used forestry plug trays, perfect!
I ordered 4 trays
Matt busy transplanting the seedlings

Seedlings in there new home

Here are the trees the boys planted in late May (growing very well)

The 2018 growing plan is to harvest seeds in fall and start them indoors in late winter under lights
Which will work out good since it will be right next to the train layout area, run some trains and tend to the trees
So far we are going to try to grow, Red & white oak, Sugar maple, white & red pine, blue & norway spruce
As you can see why I ordered 4 trays at 96 cells each we can hopefully produce 384 trees as of now I might order 4 more trays
Im going to be creating a nursery area for the trees to grow for a couple years so the deer leave them alone.
I already scored some used pots to plant them in and will bury them in the ground to grow

Hopefully in 3 or so years we can transplant them on to the hunting land
What a memory this will be for the kids to look back at these trees someday and be able to say they grew them from seed, I wonder how many kids these days could say that

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  1. zosimas's Avatar
    very nice.
    I always end up pulling a gazzillion seedlings from the droppings of my two maple trees....

    been too nice of a summer to be inside
  2. Tony35's Avatar
    How true that it has been a nice summer