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Thread: Trucks, (Metal) Wheel Sets, Couplers. A Little Info

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    Exclamation Trucks, (Metal) Wheel Sets, Couplers. A Little Info

    N-Scale Freight Car / Passenger Car / Caboose Trucks:
    Micro Trains -> Many Different Styles
    BLMA -> 70 Ton / 100 Ton (Great for lowering ride height without modifying bolsters)
    Atlas -> Different Styles (The Atlas 100 Ton truck also lowers ride height without modifying bolsters)
    Intermountain Railway Co. -> A Few
    KATO -> A Few (Select a freight car under "N-Scale Products" to look up trucks)
    American Limited Models -> A Few

    Freight Car Trucks Friction Bearing:
    Banned from interchange service in:
    01-01-1991 for cars carrying hazardous materials.
    01-01-1994 for cars carrying non-hazardous materials.
    01-01-1995 for cars with trucks that were converted from friction to roller bearing side frames (Hot Box detectors could not detect them if / when they overheated).

    Freight Cars & Truck Sizes, What Size To Use?
    I found a post on The Railwire about 70 Ton and 100 Ton trucks and how to look up which truck to use under your rolling stock, read reply #12
    Post from "Hyperion" on The Railwire:
    The rating of a truck refers to the capacity of the load the car is allowed to carry, and it is actually an estimate at best.Today, a "100T" truck can carry a 286,000lb total load inclusive of the car weight (i.e. gross rail weight) (263K prior to, I believe, 1994). A "70T" truck car carry a 220,000lb total weight inclusive of the car.So rather than looking at the capacity, look at the total gross weight (add light/tare weight to the capacity) and see if its' less than 220K or 286K, that will determine the truck size used.

    Freight Car Trucks and Wheel Diameters:
    <=50 Ton Trucks ride on 28" Wheels
    70 Ton Trucks ride on 33" Wheels
    100 Ton Trucks ride on 36" Wheels
    125 Ton Trucks ride on 38" Wheels

    N-Scale Wheel Diameter Conversions:
    .175" (4,45mm) = 28" Wheels
    .188" (4,76mm) = 30" Wheels
    .206" (5,24mm) = 33" Wheels
    .225" (5,72mm) = 36" Wheels
    .238" (6,03mm) = 38" Wheels

    N-Scale (Metal) Wheel Sets:
    FVM -> Metal Wheel Sets Axle Lengths:
    .540" (1,372cm) -> Micro Trains & Athearn trucks
    .553" (1,405cm) -> Intermountain trucks & Atlas trucks (plastic wheels)
    .563" (1,430cm) -> Con-Cor & Bachmann & old Atlas trucks (metal wheels)
    Atlas -> (Metal) Wheel Sets
    NorthWest Short Line -> Metal Wheel Sets
    Intermountain Railway Co. -> (Metal) Wheel Sets
    Logic Rail Technologies -> Detectable Metal Wheel Sets (Detectable Metal Wheel Sets used for train detection, signaling etc.)
    KATO -> Metal Wheel Sets

    N-Scale Odd Ball Axle Length:
    Atlas .568" (1,444cm) used under the 20,700 gal tank car.

    N-Scale Pizza Cutters:
    Have a look at MooseID's post "What are 'Pizza Cutters'".

    N-Scale Knuckle Coupler Names:
    Additional Information
    Micro Trains --> Magne-Matic
    Athearn -------> McHenry (Info: McHenry Couplers and Athearn are members of Horizon Hobby)
    KATO --------> Semi Automatic / Kinematic (used on the “Morning Daylight”)
    Atlas ----------> Accumate (Info: Couplers are manufactured by Atlas under license from AccuRail, Inc.)
    Bachmann -----> Dummy knuckle coupler

    Older, Other, Discontinued:
    Red Caboose -> Unimate
    Intermountain Railway Co. -> ??
    The Rapido Coupler

    (N-Scale) Knuckle Coupler Height(s):
    1:1 Scale Knuckle Coupler Heights (top of rail to middle of coupler)
    Empty cars -> min 32 1/2" max 34 1/2"
    Loaded cars-> min 31 1/2" max 33 1/2"
    N-scale (x/160)
    Empty cars -> min 0.203" max 0.216" (5,2mm / 5,5mm)
    Loaded cars-> min 0.197" max 0.209" (5,0mm / 5,3mm)

    N-Scale Standard Knuckle Coupler Height (top of rail to middle of coupler)
    0.216" (5,5mm) which is the same as the max height for an empty car.

    *See a error or have something to add? let me know (post)!*
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