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    Default N Scale Cemetery

    92-Piece Cemetery Set, N Scale Detail from American Archetype

    American Archetype’s 92-piece cemetery set gives you the foundation pieces needed to complete an entire graveyard scene or fill an empty lot. A graveyard can work on a model railroad layout in an open rural settings or nestled between high rises or next to a church in the big city.

    Included are 4 mausoleums and 88 individual gravestones, with gravestones connected to a carrier sheet. Each gravestone simply “snaps” off of the sheet by bending it back and forth with your finger (of removing with a hobby knife). The bottom of a stone can easily be cut flat with a hobby knife on a hard surface once it’s removed (if necessary).

    This set is produced as an on-demand rapid prototype and arrives as semi-transparent, unpainted plastic. Finishing instructions are available from the American Archetype website, American Archetype Cemetery set sells for $16.50.

    American Archetype provides unique details and accessories to enhance the realism and interest of model railroading layouts. Currently, the company is offering N scale rapid prototype models that are manufactured on-demand for each order.
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