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Thread: Remote control Indicator light clusters, when are they used?

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    Default Remote control Indicator light clusters, when are they used?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to make heads or tails of lighting on remote controlled locomotives and I've noticed most private owner RC locomotives have a cluster of 3 to 5 multicolored lights on either side but I haven't seen a common carrier locomotive with these, from what I've read these lights serve as an indicator that the operator is connected to the locomotive but I haven't found any explanation as to why they arent on all locomotives. Does anybody have any thoughts on the matter?
    Did someone say whitcomb?

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    My favorite one so far, and one that anyone can do, was G&W's 'remote control caboose'. They took a bay window, rigged it up with MU cables and radio controls, and let it run as the transmitter car for remote switching. Locomotive control stand was also in the bay window. I was told the experiment was generally considered a failure, it sat here unused in the local yard for about a year. Common carrier.

    You'll find a lot of places with love-hate feelings about remote control. I've seen both. This was the latest accident to get NTSB attention:
    I've seen it used well, and safely, too, and in some cases it's a lot safer than being in the cab and being exposed to high dust and contaminant levels. Another favorite is one of my Whitcombs - would you want to be in the cab every day?

    Checked the CFR and was very surprised to see that the lights, unlike anything else on a remote control locomotive, aren't specifically called out for placement or use. Certainly everything else is. I still don't know if they are vendor-specific or regulated for placement.
    Other than 'visual indicator' there's nothing in the CFR about lights, color, placement, etc.

    Here's a Wheeling GP35 set up for remote control in Brewster yard (common carrier)

    Mind you, everything else about remote control locomotives in common-carrier service (including the control beltpack) is spelled out exactly, just not the lights.
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