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    Default Katp Parts - Excellent service

    Anyone ever order parts from Kato? I did last week. I had a locomotive that was sluggish and in the process of cleaning the worm gear assembly I lost a very tiny paper thin nylon washer, which was between the brass gear and a brass bushing I decided to try and order the parts from Kato, as I could not find them on Ebay. I ordered them from Kato's USA website -

    The parts arrived very fast and the parts were very reasonably priced ($4 for the two worm gears). I even ordered a few extra parts due to the inexpensive pricing. Also, the worm gear assembly was a newer design which had done away with the brass bushing and now has a thicker nylon bushing. Train runs like a top now.

    Highly recommended - if you need parts they are easy to get.
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    Absolutely. When I started out, one of my first actions was destroying a coupler when trying to figure out how to install sound into my SD40-2.

    An 8-pack of the couplers is/was $5 and they had a reasonable overseas shipping rate at $9 (unlike most hobby stores who start out at $35-$40) Of course, if I had known then what I know now, I'd have fitted MT couplers right away, but I didn't and I was happy to have the engine back in service so quickly and easily.


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