Pimp up your truck with RAILNSCALE accessories. The wheel sets are specifically designed for Herpa trucks. With the sets you save 25% to 33% compared to the individual models! Models are delivered unpainted and are printed in highly detailed FXD.

The following kits are available:

N8001 - Wheel set for tractor and semi-trailer (Herpa)

N8002 - Trailer refrigerator “Thermo King”

N8003 - Truck accessories set

N8500 - SET Tractor and semi-trailer accessories (Herpa)

N8501 - SET 4x Wheel set for tractor and semi-trailer (Herpa)

N8502 - SET 4x Trailer refrigerator “Thermo King”

N8503 - SET 4x Truck accessories set

N8504 - SUPER SET 4x Truck accessories (Herpa)

More information about these products can be found here.

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