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Thread: Hobby "Myths and Mysteries"...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moose2013 View Post

    Yer puttin' idears into Moose head. Disturbing idears... Pretty sure Mrs Moose would not approve...
    What happens at the train show stays at the train show. LOL
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    If buy pantyhose or nylons stockings makes you look creepy. Go to the fabric store and buy some tule. Sorta a mesh-like material. It comes in several degrees of fineness. Buy the right size and it can also be use to make wire fabric fencing, on the layout!

    For those of you too macho to buy fabric, check out the screen materials at the hardware store. Uber fine photo etched stuff can be found in scientific suppliers. There you can find stuff fine enough to catch those N Scale 1/2" nuts, you rivet counters are losing.
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