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Thread: CPR SD40-2F Red Barn shell kit questions

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    Question CPR SD40-2F Red Barn shell kit questions


    there's a nice SD40-2F Red Barn style full cowl body shell kit on Kaslo that I'm interested in. The kit is the shell and shell details. No chassis, eletronics or trucks.

    I'm guessing the best chassis for it would be a normal SD40-2 like a Kato one and I could just remove the kato shell and install the Kaslo one.

    Has any one done these kits? What is it like? Would my plan with a Kato SD40-2 work?


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    I built one of the Kaslo SD40-2Fs. They aren't a simple shell swap. The kit is pretty involved (and very detailed) and the shell takes some fitting to make work. I used a mid-production chassis. IIRC, you need to add styrene shims to the inside of the shell to get a tight fit. The trucks can rub on the pilot steps if you don't shim it just right. They are fun to build (I also did an SD60F and an SD50F) and look awesome if finished right. It might be worth grabbing an IM SD40-2 chassis to get the LokSound. It will easily fit in the Kaslo shell.

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