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    Default MOW shed

    Added an MOW shed that fills up a weird corner of my town next to the depot. This past weekend I got to visit with an old friend and her family as it turns out her father in law worked MOW for both the Florida East Coast and also the Seaboard Coastline railroads when he got out of the Army in the early 60's. So I picked his brain about the Railroad and also his military career and it turned out he was in Berlin assigned to Border security detail at the time the wall was being built while I was assigned to Border security in the late 80's when the wall and subsequently the iron curtain fell. Needless to say he and I had quite the conversation and when we ended up at my house and I was showing the railroad there was no MOW shed. I was slightly embarrassed.

    The Next day I was rearranging the town to try and see if I could come up with a better layout and then took the old attached garage off the hotel and tried to place it not knowing what purpose it would have but not really finding a place for it. At first I thought it would make a good little office with a coal bin next to it but then thought it would make a decent MOW shed. After trying it out in a few places it seemed to fit in the corner next to the Depot best. So without further ado here is my new MOW shed. I plan on replacing the track inspection vehicle but this is what I came up with based on what I had on hand.

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