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Thread: Athearn 30' wood caboose

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    Default Athearn 30' wood caboose

    I saw, quite by chance, that modeltrainstuff had Soo Line wooden cabeese in 3 different road numbers in the form of a 30' foot wood sided Athearn RTR unit for about $17 each. Figuring that these things tend to be here today, gone tomorrow, I ordered one of each road number.

    Being that decals for the wood sided caboose for Soo are nonexistent in a single-sheet form and that it's a real pain in the arse to come up with them, I found this pretty exciting.

    They arrived yesterday. Out of the box, all three coupled up and rolled around just fine. I haven't had time to check wheel gauge yet, but none of them were tripped up in crossovers anywhere on the layout. The detailing looks nice, lettering and decals are great.

    Only complaint is that the end railings were fairly badly bent on one and somewhat bent on another. Fortunately, I could carefully straighten them back out with no issue.

    They're not 100% prototypically correct but very close to a design that Soo used. It wouldn't take much to make them correct. Mostly, the cupola would need to be moved forward slightly, but I don't think it's worth the work involved.

    For anyone wanting to try to create a decal set for repainting a wood caboose that you already have, you need the Soo Steam decal set from Microscale 60-1136 and the Extended Roman White 70011 set. For the logo, 'sharpie' two of the four small "Soo Line" decals black on the Steam set, wait a bit, then apply, then when those are well-set, apply the other two over the top. Or, you can make a stencil for the shape of the parallelogram and apply black paint, then apply the decals. For the lettering, it's one letter at a time, working with a magnifier, toothpick and tweezers. Enough to drive a man mad. Which is why I was damned happy to see these from Athearn! Paint, use Testors Enamel Flat red for the sides, flat yellow for the grab rails (and ends if you're doing a late red caboose) and flat black for the roof. Silver for the stove pipe.

    I'll probably add some details to these once I get full scale back in the swing of things. Pics forthcoming.

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