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Thread: Speeder or Whatever this thing is

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    There is quite a collection of powered, 4-wheel tiny chassis out there. Some have one-axle drive, and some have two. You'll find many of them out on the Plaza Japan Ebay site, search for "Chassis". Most have 27-30" wheels and a pager-style motor with a worm to worm gear axle drive. I've done a couple things with these....

    1) I powered the REA express cast metal Burro crane with one, paired with a 40' flatcar for electrical pickup. The flatcar has Kato caboose trucks under it. Other than having to mill out the entire inside of the thing to fit the motor, was repeatable, and it runs surprisingly well because it's so heavy. Old, and very short proof video:
    2) Functioning, and repeatable, GE 25-tonner, on a chassis with an offset motor and 4-wheel drive and 4-wheel pickup. I custom-mounted a Kato 12v. 11-105 motor, and it works just fine. See my video at:
    You can see the poor little thing banging through Peco electrofrogs, forget about any insulated frogs entirely.

    Those tiny pager motors have high RPM and virtually no torque, and most are 3V. But a couple of the chassis like the TU7T have potential for tiny critters, if not speeders. You can make something that runs, the challenge is to make something that works.

    I've experimented even with regauged Z wheels and it would work, as long as you never have a turnout. Getting a flanged, metal wheel with the treadwidth and flange depth to go through a turnout, that's the start. My Burro has Kato 11-105 wheels under it (27") as well as my trackmobile (27") as they are some of the finest small wheels made.
    Randgust N scale kits web page at

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    Not sure if this is useful to anyone but I have a little metal and plastic speeder (non-powered) that came with some mixed lot sometime...

    I went ahead and measured it FWIW 13.8mm x 11.5mm x 11.9mm w/ 4.1mm wheels...

    20180809_200331.jpg 20180809_200432.jpg 20180809_200354.jpg 20180809_200452.jpg

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