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To whet your appetite, here are a few pictures of the Alligator Lines model railroad:

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Alligator Lines is a 3 x 6 N-Scale model railroad located in South Florida (hence the Alligator bit). It is not based on any prototype line or era and it will run whatever trains I happen to like at the time (hence the Eclectic bit). It has ended up being mostly western and southern style with an emphasis on passenger trains but anything could, and likely will, show up!

The site was first published back in October 2005 and at that time, construction had only just begun. Today (June 2013) the layout is very, very close to completion! The wiring of the turnouts remains as does adding some details in a few crucial spots. The major criterion during construction was to have fun and learn as much as I could. The journey was a lot of fun but the end hasnít been reached just yet!

Please note that all the thoughts and opinions expressed throughout this site are strictly my own and should be treated as such! Ideas and techniques described throughout this site came from a multitude of sources including the Internet, talking with people and plain old fashioned reading! (Google searches continue to produce an absolute wealth of information). Just remember what works for one person will not necessarily work for everyone - experiment! It's your model railroad, do whatever you want. Just have fun!

I would also like to draw the reader's attention to the fact that I also have a blog! As some of you will know, I am a Senior Moderator over at the nScale.net model railroading forum where my blog is located. It is not updated on a daily basis but is updated pretty regularly with both model railroading topics and other, non-modelrailroading, stuff! If you are interested you may view my blog at BryanC's Blog (BryanC is my ID there - not to be confused with Bryan who is an Administrator).

Please note: All text and photographs making up this web site are copyright, © 2005-2013 Bryan D. Catley (the author), all rights reserved, and they may not be used without appropriate credit being given to the author and/or this web site.

I thought it was time to add this section.  I specifically want to acknowledge my wife, Sherrie, for the proof reading and other assistance she provided during the early stages of this web site (not to mention her many worthwhile suggestions throughout construction).  I also want to acknowledge my friend Ronald Lowe for his assistance in proof reading and providing other thoughts and ideas in some of the more recent updates.

Beyond Sherrie and Ron I would also like to say a big thank you to all the members of the nScale.net and ScaleRailsOnline.com (which, unfortunately no longer exists) forums (see Links page) for their responses to my posts and for their suggestions regarding model railroading in general.

Thank you for visiting!
Bryan D. Catley

Important Site Notes:

  • The current update adds images to the home pages for Scenery, Structures, Details and Full View (no images were on these pages previously).
  • If you want to check on the latest updates and when they occurred, just check the Site Update Log.  It is updated every time any change is made to the web site!

    Other Notes:
    1. At the present time this site is made up of 112 different web pages and 972 images.
    2. For the most part, the pages making up this site are very image intensive!  A high speed connection, while not necessary, is definitely recommended!

    You may find the Site Update Log here.

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