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12th Jul 2007, 08:14 PM
Since this is in the DCC forum, I'm guessing you're talking about DCC systems. Well, Volts is a constant...for N-scale, you wouldn't really want to go above 12. My Zephyr is set to 11.5, I think. Some systems to up to ~18V. As far as Amps, thats fully Dependant upon the load...stall current through most N-scale motors should be less then half an amp. Thusly, having 4 stalled locomotives means you're drawing less then two amps.


13th Jul 2007, 09:40 AM
As far as the impact on wiring, volts is not an issue. I built a power supply for a ham radio years ago that put out 1500 volts. It used #22 wire. Since current was small, large wire was not needed.

For NTRAK DCC track power distribution, I use #12 wire. Volts are small (approx 12V), but current can be large, especially under short circuit conditions (5 Amps).

Assuming you are wiring a home layout for DCC (or even DC) operation, the common approach is to use #14 wire for power distribution around the layout to minimize voltage losses, and smaller wire (usually #22) as feeders to the track. For a smaller layout you could go as small as #18 for distribution, but there is no real advantage (physical, electrical or economic) for doing so.

Doug Stuard