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16th May 2012, 03:30 PM
I have a mini tripod that I’ve used for close-up shots, but the legs wouldn’t allow me to position my camera as low and as close as I wanted for some shots, especially when scenery was close by. These 2 comparison shots show my new “MMT”, my camera mounted on the MMT, and the store bought mini tripod.

I made this “MICRO MINI TRIPOD” that does the job. You can easily make your own from a scrap piece of ” plywood 1” square (be sure to use plywood as other wood will split). Drill a 15/64 hole in the center and countersink it for a - 20 x 5/8” long flat head screw. Cut a 1” square of adhesive backed felt and cut a hole in the center for the screw, and stick it to the base.

The 15/64 hole will give a tite fit and lets the screw self-tap on tightening to keep it in the base.

Next drill Three 1/16” holes on the edge (not all the way through). The 3 legs are cut from stripped #14 house wire 2 ” long. Grind the ends to a point (CAUTION - points are sharp) to provide a good grip in scenery, or you can make the ends rounded for safety.

The 1/16” holes make for a press fit of the #14 wire legs, and you can just force them in. The legs are flexible enough to bend by hand, but will still support a camera without bending. As you can see in the comparison shot, it will get much lower than the mini tripod. Took me hour to make!

NOTE: This tripod is only suitable for SMALL DIGITAL CAMERAS in the 1” x 2” x 3 ” size range and will NOT work with larger cameras.

Here are 2 examples of previously impossible to take shots due to obstructions. The 2nd pic is showing the camera on the micro tripod in the middle of the river. One of the tripod legs is under the bridge! The 1st shot is the pic that was taken (I could have focused on the trees, but focused on water surface instead). The 3rd shot is showing how low you can get without placing camera on the ground. The 4th shot is the pic that was taken.
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Nick Lorusso
16th May 2012, 04:11 PM
Great Idea.

16th May 2012, 09:21 PM
I got a dollar store tripod and used a file to cut slots in the ring to let the legs splay out more and I can get it pretty close to the foam. I just need to use it more! Your method certainly looks interesting and I may whip up one as a backup.
Thanks for all the great ideas!