View Full Version : Building Fast Tracks BullFrog Manual Turnout Control - Part 1

7th Jul 2012, 10:34 PM
After a two-year break from trains due to a sudden change in work location, I am finally back and have started working on the layout again.

Recently I purchased from Fast Tracks a number of BullFrog Manual Turnout Control and I thought I would share my experience of assembling a control unit.

So here is what I ordered: a 10 pack of control and push rods.


Here is what is inside of the control pack.


So letís start building one.

First take the laser cut plywood and carefully separate the pieces. When you do this is what you will have.

32119 32120

Next following the directions in the package separate out these pieces and place the two lock nuts in their wood sockets.


Then glue the two rectangular pieces together aligning the slot opening in each. Once aligned next gently slip the nut-retaining clip into place with the long protrusion into the slot.


Now gather the additional pieces seen in the following picture.


To be continued