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Jimmi (RIP)
28th Dec 2012, 02:42 AM
I had received a PM asking what happened to the photos I had posted on the threads. They are listed as temporarily unavailable.
They are more than temporarily unavailable!

About 2 or 3 months ago, Webshots was sold. The new owners have made major changes. It is now strictly a paid site. The photos are kept in the "cloud" and are only visible to the member. No downloading is allowed. I managed to download everything I had on there and have them on file on the computer. After the deadline for downloading, all photos before that date were to be eliminated.

My photo posts are now being copied from Flickr, but the links for any of the older posts no longer work. Now I have a huge folder of photos that I have to sort through and transfer to Flickr. What a pain!

28th Dec 2012, 03:27 AM

You have my sympathy. FWIW, as far as Flikr is concerned I would suggest a bit of caution - they apparently have a three-month moratorium in operation at the moment, which means that, at present, everything is free, but after the three-months is over, charging will commence.

Thought you might like to know ...

Jimmi (RIP)
28th Dec 2012, 04:24 AM
Thanks Keith,
I am aware of changes coming to Flickr. I really don't mind paying a reasonable fee for the service. What upset me with Webshots is that the change was made with a very arrogant notice that more or less stated, pay up or get out and by the way, nobody can see your pictures or comment after the change. If all I want is a place to store photos, I'll keep them in a file and not charge myself anything.

28th Dec 2012, 08:06 AM
If all I want is a place to store photos, I'll keep them in a file and not charge myself anything.

And that is why I have an external hard drive and if the shot is worth sending to friends and family it goes out in an e-mail.

28th Dec 2012, 10:18 AM
Wow. That sounds like a big hassle.

I'm not sure what changes are in store at Flickr, but their "Pro" upgrade is (or at least has been) only $25/year for unlimited photo hosting. I've found it pretty reasonable so far. They do have some rules around how you are supposed to attribute and link back photos linked to other sites (like pasted here, for example), but it hasn't been too onerous as far as I can tell.

28th Dec 2012, 10:44 AM
I have all mine on Google/Picasa. The service has been totally free as has my Google blog.

28th Dec 2012, 04:13 PM
I host my own photos.

I do have a few railfan shots on rrpicturesrchives.net.


28th Dec 2012, 04:41 PM
I am with Paul. I have my own server... never a charge or an ad. I do have space if anyone needs it.

29th Dec 2012, 01:49 AM
I keep all my photos on my PC in folders and back them up. Any I want to use on nSn I load to my nSn albums.
See ya

3rd Jan 2013, 09:19 PM
I am with Paul. I have my own server... never a charge or an ad. I do have space if anyone needs it.
Tell me more. Now that Photobucket has become almost non-usable I need an alternative for future photos.

3rd Jan 2013, 10:49 PM
I have a linux server that is in my bedroom. It has Apache web server running. You can see the raw web site at http://www.pegnsean.net/ If you want space on teh server you would have a URL of something like http://www.pegnsean.net/~yourname/ You will need to learn a little about ftp and understand a little about file permissions. It is not exactly simple, but anyone can do it. You would upload your pictures there, and then reference them in your posts. I do it all the time... see some of my posts with pics.

If you want to go down this road, PM me and we will get started. This is also open to anyone on NSN.

4th Jan 2013, 11:03 AM
Keep in mind that not all ISPs allow you to run a server (or they will charge you more). Also there are lots of security risks with opening up a computer to the Internet so you need to do your research and understand what needs to be done to secure your data and ensure no one can use your server to mount attacks on other servers and networks (your ISP could then block you from their service).