View Full Version : Bachmann Trolleys

5th Jan 2013, 12:45 AM
I plan on doing a unique HOn30 project soon. Using the Bachmann PCC/Birney trolley for it. Is this a split frame mechinism? If so, how can I shorten/grind the frame down up front and still preserve all-wheel pickup?

5th Jan 2013, 04:42 AM
Yes, the Bachmanns are all metal chassis that wraps the motor. The pickups contact the bottom of the chassis which feed directly to the motor, No wires at all.
By the way, DO NOT get one with white gears. The axlegears split. ALWAYS buy black geared streetcars. If you have one with white gears you have to replace the trucks with new ones from Bachmann. They sell out quickly as these cars have been sold for decades essentially unchanged.

If you are thinking DCC you're in for a lot of work.

You can do some cutting but the screws and retainers are the only things holding the two halves together. The PCC and Brill chassis are two different sizes, The worm gears and sideframes are the only other parts besides the body that are unique. The trucks, motor, pickups wheels, lights, fake pole and gears are all common parts.