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Jugtown Modeler
26th Aug 2013, 11:09 PM
Welcome to the SLICNEP MINERAL RAILWAY thread: A N Scale Multi-Level Narrow Gauge Industrial Micro Layout Diorama Triptych "TIC" Tribute to Carl Arendt (http://www.carendt.com/index.html)

It has been a long time since I have actually modeled a layout. The last was a bit of a disaster of track expansion/contraction and weight issues on a test micro layout.
I have been cooking this idea for some time and with the passing of Carl Arendt in 2011, I wanted to contribute my own version of a micro layout. With limited time and space, this will keep my interest going and give me a chance work on my layout skills. In my mind, this qualifies as my belated Fall 2011 Layout Party contribution as well. Life is too short. It is now or never. Apologies in advance for wordy entries and rambling thoughts.

I realize in advance that this will push the boundaries of sane model railroading and planning. Be that as it may, I will forge through the obvious issues for the thrill of pursuing the challenge. My personal rail puzzle.

Background: Svinčnik Sl´čnep (pronounced "SleeCHa-nep" in native Slovenian but commonly known as Slick-nep) was a successful business man from Northern New Jersey in the early part of the 1900's. He acquired some marshy and rocky land in shady deal with an unscrupulous character. His drive, determination and a bit of good luck helped him see the value in the land and he was able to make use of it resources to build a business empire (locally) that became a major supplier of graphite products of which the Slicnep Pencils #2 1/2 Non-Rolling Pencilę« became one of their most famous products. His small mountainous railway is the basis for this project.

Goal: Ongoing (read slow paced) thread to document layout process and experiences. Achieve a mostly working model railway layout, develop skills and learn from the process, share the Slicnep story and have fun. Hope to finish and send in a contribution to Carl's website.

Plan: Hand lay narrow gauge track and attempt stub switches, three scene (triptych) diorama on 3 levels connected internally with 12-14 diameter helix, in a 20" X 20" square micro "pizza" layout that will become my tribute to the late Carl Arendt's inspirational micro layout work and website. Diorama #1 is the factory, #2 is the cedar mill at 3 inches and #3 is the graphite mine at 6 inches. There are scene blocks in blue. Blue track is dual gauge.

Sounds crazy, but I believe I have worked out the "engineering" and logistics to be somewhat successful. My Z gauge locos can pull several cars up the 5% needed grade. I won't need many cars to be pulled. I have worked out removable scenery sections and designed the helix with an open interior from below for track cleaning. I have 2 N scale Republic Locomotive Works 0-6-0 tank engine kits for power and stockpiled wall sections to bash a large factory complex.

Rough plan:
- Limited by available Z scale track components. Will be hand laying track according to my drawings, not these

*(TIC -Tongue-In-Cheek)

Jugtown Modeler
27th Aug 2013, 07:24 AM
Cardboard mock-up. The helix is pushed off-center towards the left rear to accommodate scenes. Minimal height for the smaller narrow gauge N scale engines makes for cramped spaces. Access will be from interior, sides/rear openings and removable scenery/building.

Diorama 1 -Factory...... with build. mock-up......Dio 2 side angle..........Dio 3 side angle

Two turns of the helix to the next level. (To add drama and challenge, heartache and to see how far I can push the abilities of the track and trains....)
The factory will be an over-sized industrial complex fitting to Svinčnik Sl´čnep's ego.

27th Aug 2013, 08:19 AM
Neat concept, looking forward to seeing this develop.

27th Aug 2013, 08:33 AM
Looks like a fascinating challenge! You have several switching locations so I assume you plan to operate this, but unless I missed it I don't see a runaround track anywhere?

Jugtown Modeler
27th Aug 2013, 09:20 AM
Looks like a fascinating challenge! You have several switching locations so I assume you plan to operate this, but unless I missed it I don't see a runaround track anywhere?

Trains will generally run with cars on the front end, drop or pick up cars, run reverse back down. On the bottom level there is an outside loop (around the factory and helix) that will help reset for the next run, although I have been playing around with the idea another pair of switches to create that runaround with the small spur on left.

WHY a helix, when it would be easier to keep all one level? Just because the change in height would be more dramatic, IMO...

Correction from OP: Some Z scale flex track and attempted hand laid stub switches

5th Aug 2018, 12:56 AM
Any updates??
It'll be interesting to see what you use for a locomotive and wagons....

Jugtown Modeler
5th Aug 2018, 08:38 AM
Any updates??
It'll be interesting to see what you use for a locomotive and wagons....

Oh my... been tooooo long...

I have built the helix and laid track (Z flex, not hand laid) for most of this. (should have posted a pic) I have been slowly experimenting with laying a "stub switch" where the track leading into the turnout is what moves. So slow, that interest has waned a bit. (No worries, many other N projects on the table)

My plan has always been to use a small 0-4-0 "teakettle". I had picked an Aspen Models Nn3 model of one up in an auction lot deal (of a lifetime) but also have 2 RLW 0-4-0 kits that I have started. Also picked up a 3D printed Shay and a Showcase Miniatures Climax to alternate the roster. The original teakettle has no problem pulling a few ore cars up a 5% grade. My interior helix grade probably averages 4%.

I was never planning to pull much on this micro-layout. Originally, I had picked up some Z scale European ore cars that I was going to modify and heavily weather to appear as some quasi-late-model-custom-ore-jimmies. But, 3D printing has helped with several traditional vintage ore cars to pull. I have a few pieces of Z scale rolling stock that will be used for a work/water/cedar log train. And planning to customize a Bachmann tourist car to use for the annual Slicnep company picnic.

Unfortunately, I am an easily distracted modeler and... ooh an auction...