View Full Version : Older Proxxon Microlux table saw; need better fence & miter guage

13th Mar 2015, 06:17 PM
I picked up a older Proxxon Microlux table saw (made in Japan). The miter gauge & rip fence are terrible. MicroMark has no replacements. It's a black cabinet with access from one side only.

Anyone have any sources for these? Anyone know when these were discontinued?

Jugtown Modeler
13th Mar 2015, 07:12 PM

By clamping a straight edge, tedious each time - I realize, you can at least rip pieces to build your own custom "push sled". Think of a plastic tray with a back stop and a blade slot, 2 parallel guides glued onto the bottom to keep it always true. This works better for cross cutting.

Then build a rip fence, T shaped, that guides along the front edge, and can be clamped along side with spring clamps...

Need to get a picture...

Imagine this, smaller, plastic: http://lumberjocks.com/assets/pictures/projects/430172-438x.jpg?1381974366


Obviously, this works for straight and 45 degree cuts, but with cut "wedges" set at typical angle cuts, you can create a variety of angle cuts.

Also, sometimes mitre slots are similar widths, you might be able to find a fence from a different saw that will work...

Not sure if I am clear.... feel free to PM me

13th Mar 2015, 07:43 PM
Something like this?;
http://www.mi (http://www.micromark.com/sliding-table-for-80463-original-microlux-tilting-arbor-table-saw,7505.html)cromark.com/sliding-table-for-80463-original-microlux-tilting-arbor-table-saw,7505.html (http://www.micromark.com/sliding-table-for-80463-original-microlux-tilting-arbor-table-saw,7505.html)