View Full Version : How To Use Micro Trains Tap & Drill Set?

26th Mar 2016, 04:42 AM
I'm trying to body-mount the couplers on my MTL and Red Caboose autorack cars. I already own the #1059 Tap & Drill Set, and in fact, I was successfully able to use it to body-mount a few of my auto rack cars already.

The problem? It's been YEARS since I've done this, and though I still have the instructions and the complete tap & drill set bits, I don't remember which parts are which. There's the longer drill bit, the one that's slightly shorter and the other bit that looks like there's a file on the end. I know I'm supposed to drill hole with one of the bits, use the funny looking bit that looks like there's a file to make the threads, and then use the other bit to finish it off. But I forgot which is which. Can anyone refresh my memory?
I still have the instructions, but there's no illustration as to which bit is which!

26th Mar 2016, 04:56 AM
I never even use one of the three bits, I just use the black one and the tap.
For metal cars I use a bit of labele for the tap bit and have never snapped it...
I think the black one was designed to drill through metal frames anyway... :D

26th Mar 2016, 09:30 AM
The #56 drill bit is a clearance drill.Gives a guide hole for the screw to attach to the anchor piece