View Full Version : Kato coupler mod to make it MTL friendly

27th Jul 2020, 09:52 AM
Hey Guys. I found this a while back and I have tried it on one of my Kato cars. works a treat. Hopefully it helps out a few of you guys out there.



24th Sep 2020, 10:09 PM
I have posted this on the forum once or twice too, its an excellent piece of information to have in circulation, helped me with a Kato switcher a while back, I need to use the info again on a new set of locos too.

25th Sep 2020, 02:26 AM
The main issue I've seen with Kato couplers is their height. Most Kato rolling stock is lower than MTL-standard coupler height.

8th Jul 2021, 12:46 PM
This is great info and may help me a LOT! Thanks!