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21st Aug 2004, 06:44 PM
I seem to remember a Mechano, I think it was a Italian firm. Quality was not very good. This could be something completely different.

23rd Aug 2004, 01:29 AM

Those locos were made in Yugoslavia before about 1990. Many of the original MRC locos from the 1960-s were Mehano. Details like handrails are a bit chunky, like most other n scale locos of the time.

The mechanisms vary from acceptable to poor. Some are one truck drive and leave a lot to be desired- others are two truck drive and are better. The two truck drive locos can be made to run a lot better with a new motor - the original motors were weak 3-pole types with straight armatures so low speed and startup are not up to modern standards. This is accentuated by the high friction drive mechanisms. Some of the Mehano locos are the only game in town, such as the alligator nose RSD-15 and will run better with a new motor.

23rd Aug 2004, 08:08 AM
Well, I guess I can take good and bad news out of that... :roll:

It was an RSD-15 that I was looking at to be the sacrificial pig for a project... since the rework is likely to be a major one anyway, I might just have to see what I can do to free up the drives...

So MRC/Mechano are the only source of RSD-15's? yikes... :shock:

23rd Aug 2004, 09:08 AM

If you have the MRC (Mehano built) RSD-15, you have one of the originals which came either high (rarer) or low hood. As time went on, Model power took on the line and only offered low hood models. I had a couple of the high hood MRC's with a not so great motor and replaced the entire chassis' with MP ones. While they came from the same Yugoslavian factory over the years, apparently, there was a good deal of improvement in the mechanisms. Have fun... this loco can be "dressed up" nicely.


23rd Aug 2004, 09:48 AM
It is mainly the drive bogies that I'm interested in... I could end up with my own frame, and the body will definitely be a custom...

I was looking at the low-nose... there's been a couple of them on eBay of recent... $25 I'd pay, $45 seems too much (for what I want to do)...