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22nd Feb 2006, 07:12 PM
N-trak standards were written for smooth continuous operations at shows. The 1 1/2 standard that you are referring to was written so that people could get their fat fingers into the N Scale world and place, remove, and correct rolling stock and engines on the tracks even if adjacent tracks are occupied. Under normal circumstances I think that N-trak standards would shy away form a double cross over because of the potential of problems in continuous operations.

Since the the modular system you are referring to is for your own use, I don't see a problem with the 3/16 of an inch deviation in each track from the N-Trak standard to use the double crossover.

22nd Feb 2006, 08:58 PM
Yes, double crossovers CAN be used on N-trak modules.

I've seen Peco and Kato Unitrak double crossovers used.

The N-trak standards actually require the spacing at the ENDS of the module be 1.5".

There is actually a plublished minimum track spacing of 1.25". (This is mentioned in at least two locations in the N-trak module manual).

In addition to double crossovers, another place where the minimum track spacing comes into play is on bridges. Some commercial double track bridges won't allow a track spacing wider than 1.25" while still allowing the required side clearances.

Incidentally, the N-trak standards require that all the community property tracks (red,yellow,blue,etc) use commercial track (for consistancy reasons), so your handlaid double crossover doesn't meet the standards from that perspective.


22nd Feb 2006, 10:20 PM
Suggest you look at Docson's Atlantic Longhaul RR photos via the following link. I used a double crossover in my layout! The Atlas Book recommending the layout describes how to set it up - it is the Atlas Book #7, Level 2, page 30. Check this link --> http://www.nscale.net/mod-photoshare-showimages-fid-420.html