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Tim R

  1. Moving Blog Here (or Look Ma! No Helix!)

    It's been a long time since I updated my off-site blog, so I decided to move it here, where you can all nag me about it. Updated the signature file, and, to prevent moose prints on my face, here's a picture of the latest section of benchwork for the layout, under construction on my work bench.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The roadbed in the front is in about the right place. This end will be a riser 2-7/8" high, and dropping at 2.5% to 5/8" high on the far ...
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  2. Local RadioShack Going ... going ...

    The recent purchase of RadioShack has reached out and touched me. The local store was nearly empty yesterday, and is going to be closed, but they did have the DPDT relay and 12V wall-wart that I need to control my reverse loop. I can get everything I need on-line, but it's not near as convenient as running to the local 'Shack on Sunday afternoon.

    Relay? Yes, I'm old school when it comes to some things.
  3. Layout Progress and some considerations on operations

    I've got two more posts on my blog (offsite). One concerns construction on the backdrop and valance on my layout. The other looks at some train orders that I recently purchased.

    If you'd like to look at them, click on this link.
  4. Southern Railway Blog Update

    I've already got a blog set up for my layout, which is presently under construction, so I've not planning on redoing it here, but if anyone would like to look at it, here it is:

    Tim Rumph