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  1. Nsscottteague

    Howdy folks. I'm trying to get in touch with Scott Teague, the guy on youtube who makes train horns from PVC. Apparently he ordered some (one?) of my NS Crescent Cabs from Shapeways and had an issue with it. I'm trying to reach him so I can figure out exactly what the issue is so I can see if it needs fixing. I don't see his user name on the NSF but was wondering if anybody here might know how to reach him...

    Glen Weldon
    Flying W Models
  2. Converting a locomotive to DCC using a Hard-wired decoder (TCS M1) [continued]

    [continued from previous post]

    You have to provide some method of attaching the red and black wires to the frame halves. On previous locos, I have soldered the leads directly to the frame halves. This can work, but it's difficult to do because the large mass of the frame quickly disipates the heat from the soldering iron and it's almost impossible to get a good connection. For this loco, I stripped a 1/8" length of the wires after trimming to length and tinned them with solder. ...
  3. Converting a locomotive to DCC using a Hard-wired decoder (TCS M1)

    I am going to convert a Spectrum C8-40W but the techniques and principles will apply to many other brands of locomotives as well.

    This locomotive like most others, transfers power from the rails to the motor via the wheels to the frame. On this loco Bachmann uses wipers that transfer current from the wheels to the frame. The method on this loco is different that others I have seen, but it works.

    The motor is isolated from the frame by a thin plastic shield that encloses ...