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  1. Layout base & track.

    Well, I'm at the point where something is actually going to happen....then Wham!!! hit that brick wall called procrastination / indecision again....
    I've been here so many times before, I can even see the dings in the wall from where I've hit it before.
    This time it's the layout construction itself. I could see my original plans of aluminium frame and plywood top dragging on for months and costing a packet to build. But then, the other day, while wandering through Bunnings (our local ...
  2. Operations

    Ok, first off, engines...
    I have-
    4 MDC/Athearn 2-8-0s and need another 2
    1 MP 2-6-0
    1 Shapeways/Bachmann Boxcab diesel, need another 1
    That totals 9 engines. I'd like 10, tossup between a Bachmann 4-6-0 and an Alco HH600 (modified Atlas S2 diesel)

    Engines, #1, the oldest 2-8-0, saturated with an 'as built' boiler. Smokebox is short compared to the other 5 that have been reboilered. it also has a rear sand dome and narrow coal space on the tender to aid ...
  3. Devil's Gate Mining Co. -1

    I'm trying to get my ideas and 'direction' down before I forget what I'm trying to accomplish lol.
    After the demise of my Moss Lake Lumber Co. in HO, then N, I was out of the hobby for a while before trying again to do a switching layout. I selected a BNSF Chicago branchline and even had a GP38, MP15 and SW1500 (BN with a working rotary beacon no less!!). But I wasn't happy with it.
    My next venture was a steam railroad in the 1890s Colorado, originally planned to have 2 Climax geared ...
  4. I'm in lockdown

    At the risk of being 'off topic', the rail construction camp I'm currently in has just gone to 'red alert' with an approaching tropical cyclone (I'm 185km inland from Port Hedland, Western Australia). Work stopped yesterday morning due to the high winds and dangerous conditions.:
    Surpriingly, the wi-fi internet conection has improved. Think I'll need a boat if I go outside....

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  5. My first blog post

    This is my first blog and first post so welcome everyone

    As I write (type) this, I'm under lockdown in a railroad construction camp 188km from Port Hedland, Western Australia. Cyclone 'Rusty' is closing in with winds of 200km/h (124mph).
    Fortunately I've got to keep me occupied as well as my BNSF switching layout in Trainz to run...

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