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  1. Australia Day

    Hi guys (and gals)
    Tomorrow, 26 January is Australia Day, our equilivilant to Thanksgiving.
    If you have a few moments, stop and listen to this song, near and dear to so many heats...

  2. I'm in lockdown

    At the risk of being 'off topic', the rail construction camp I'm currently in has just gone to 'red alert' with an approaching tropical cyclone (I'm 185km inland from Port Hedland, Western Australia). Work stopped yesterday morning due to the high winds and dangerous conditions.:
    Surpriingly, the wi-fi internet conection has improved. Think I'll need a boat if I go outside....
  3. My first blog post

    This is my first blog and first post so welcome everyone

    As I write (type) this, I'm under lockdown in a railroad construction camp 188km from Port Hedland, Western Australia. Cyclone 'Rusty' is closing in with winds of 200km/h (124mph).
    Fortunately I've got to keep me occupied as well as my BNSF switching layout in Trainz to run...