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  1. My apologies...

    I wanted to drop in and say hello to everyone, as itís been a while since Iíve participated on the forum. I have been pretty busy with work & life issues for the past several months. My job has been (and is still), very demanding over the last couple of months. I have been busy creating guides for our newest employees, for them to use their computers in their jobs. And, having to re-write some older work distribution guides and manuals, to keep everything and everyone up to date. Hard to ...
  2. A little bragging about my grandson...

    Last Thursday (01/05/2017) evening, I returned home from a drive out to Phoenix AZ. The wife & I went out to visit my youngest daughter, who had just given birth to their 3rd child on 12/28/2016. Our 13th grandchild! Driving back those 2 days to K.C., I couldn't stop thinking about how proud I was of my 8 year old grandson, and how responsible was.

    Let me give you a little background.

    About three years ago, my wife & youngest daughter persuaded me
  3. Bridge Inspection Required?

    A friend sent this to me. I thought it was pretty funny. I wonder if they inspect this bridge a little more frequently considering...
  4. Another ebay first - for car enthusiasts

    Wanna good laugh? Check this out!

    I am so AMAZED! They walk among us...
  5. Happy B-Day To The U.S. Navy

    I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to the United States Navy!

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    Hard to believe it been almost 20 years since I retired? (01/1995)
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    RX 115 belonged to VR-57. I was stationed at this command in the mid-80's. Never a dull moment!
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