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  1. Ain't it funny how time slips away?

    With apologies to Willie Nelson, greetings fellow N Scalers! I have been all over the place these last few weeks between working, rail fanning, and even some model building. In addition, I am supposed to get out and walk some as part of my recovery process following surgery. What I haven't had time for was blogging. So I'll do my best to make it up to you this week.

    Pam and I were looking for someplace where we could walk indoors, as the weather had been uncooperative that week, ...
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  2. Uncovering the past

    Hi all!

    Last week Pam and I journeyed to Winthrop Mass with some old friends. We had come across an article about a narrow gauge railroad that used to run through Winthrop Mass, which is a small city located right under the runway flight path from Logan International Airport in East Boston. The line used to come over the bridge from "Eastie" and make a wide loop around the edge of Winthrop and rejoin the same line and return to the big city. Unlike the Darby Line, which ...

    Updated 11th Jul 2020 at 10:38 PM by Albey25 (correction)

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  3. Your show of shows...

    I have been to a lot of train shows over the course of my life, but none has ever approached the scope of the Amherst Railroad Society's annual show. Originally held as a sort of open house on the campus of UMASS Amherst, the thing took on a life of its own, growing from a one-room exhibition of hobbyists' creations to a massive, living, breathing organism which has taken over the halls of New England's largest exhibition center, the Eastern States Exposition facilities, know fondly as "The ...
  4. Touching four generations....

    It's been two weeks or more since my last blog post and even though I really don't have anything to say I guess I'd better update the community on the progress in Beaufield. Besides, having nothing to say has never deterred me in the past, so why spoil a perfect record?
    You may recall that I had been ballasting the freight yards and engine repair tracks that occupy the land area immediately behind Terminal Square. Ballasting, being what it is soon wore thin and I longed for more interesting ...
  5. Cement, stations, baseball and cancer...enough topics for you?

    Ebeneezer Hardstuff, Beaufield's wealthiest and possibly shadiest citizen may have made the biggest mistake of his recent career. Longtime proponent of the mix-more-than-you-need theory of concrete work, his latest project seems to have come up short! Hired by the "B" Line to pour the foundation for the new terminal and platforms, Mr. Hardstuff spent considerable time with laser level's and concrete forms, making sure he was prepared, and then...voila!...he was about 50% under supplied ...
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