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  1. rhikdavis's Avatar
    Thats definitely different. Do you have the plan for that?
  2. GULL's Avatar
    Hi Gary,

    It sounds like you are taking the added time to better focus on your long term enjoyment of the layout. I have always found that a re-think, or two, of my plans often helps to focus in on the most important aspects and criteria that we need/want. I've learned to joy the planning and management parts of the hobby, and added delays, sometimes can help.

    I have always heard throughout the years to put the largest turnout size that you can fit on mainlines, especially if you plan to do any photography, however that is each modelers decision based on the layout's factors and perimeters.

    Looks like you have some Good specs!.

    Have Fun, Steven
  3. zosimas's Avatar
    :woot: back stories are fun, I have mine setup too, link in my signature