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  1. Curved Bridge Help

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    Hey guys, Been slowely getting my layout together and started doing my ballast. And now that i have reached my main 3 track bridge, it looked so out of place to me. Can anyone give me any suggestions, ideas, pictures of how I could improve my bridge. Below are a couple of photos of the parts that make up my bridge. I am open to any suggestions at the moment..


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  2. Another future n scaler possibly??

    Gday everyone.

    Was just fiddling around letting my trains do a few laps on the oval track set up i got currently when my 15 month year old son decided to annoy me. But to my surprise when i thought hmmmmm hes going to grab one of my locos he just stood there trying to see what was happening on the table.So i sat him on my lap and he just watched as the locomotive ran past with its 10 cars. Didnt even bat an eye. just kept watching it go round and round. Just like his old man. Heres ...
  3. RAGE

    Ok so as some of you may already know i purchased an athearns challenger over the weekend. Ive been looking for one of these locomotives for many years and i finally got one. So as any one may imagine, I was like a fat kid in a candy store. Now ive been tracking the progress of the parcel since it has left and it was meant to arrive today (wednesday). Now at about 11am i got a notification about the parcel and the first thing i read is "incorrect address, return to sender". My jaw dropped ...