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  1. zosimas's Avatar
    I left photobucket for the many issues they have...
  2. The Mighty Mack's Avatar
    Our local paper predicted today that in our area we will see summer gas prices the lowest in 10 years. Even all winter it's been below $2.50 a gallon. Not to shabby at all. Of course for me only filling up every 2-4 months and with my gas saver it's not as big a deal as when I was commuting over 40 miles a day, but still a saving here, a saving there adds up. I was and still am I guess amazed at the story I saw some years back of all the people who commute into New York city by car some over 150 miles one way. One guy said he wakes up in the dark and gets home in the dark. See's the wife and kids only on the weeken, he said he has no choice he can't afford to rasise a family in or around the city.

    Just imagine the cost between the toles and his gas not to mention the increased oil changes and other maintenance on the car.
    The dude will most likely drop dead of a heart attack from all the stress by his 50's.
    America sure has changed. And public transportation is simply not a valid option for some.
  3. pbender's Avatar
    When I had a long commute, I always filled up either Wednesday night or Thursday morning. The local gas stations would raise prices for the increased demand of weekend travelers, usually starting Thursday arround noon.....