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  1. You ever wonder what happened to so and so...

    So I think I'm all caught up on recent threads and have started digging into the archives of old stuff. Quite a few people come in all for a few weeks, then disappear, like shooting stars....I just have to wonder where they are today and whether they kept going with their layouts.
  2. Lighting prep for structures

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    Hey Steve.

    The type of structure may determine the best phasing for painting and installation. For lasercut buildings I usually paint the exterior and interior on the uncut sheets, the interior can just be spray paint black or brown.

    For plastic/styrene buildings, I usually assemble the walls and either roof or floor, so everything is fairly stable. Then spray the interior, then the exterior. Or sometimes I get too excited and paint the exterior color first, then I
  3. show us your bumpers!!

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    This was received today

    __________________________________________________ ________________________

    Tickford Valley Railway (London) Ltd

    Chief Engineer's Office

    30 July 2012

    These Standard Stop Blocks are used throughout the Tickford Valley Railway (TVR) system and are provided here without charge, for the use of members of, with the compliments of
  4. Weekend Update (4th Sep 2020) RhikDavis Layout

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Layout2.jpg 
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Name:	Layout3.jpg 
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ID:	113694Test fitting the track. Needs some tweaking. Of course there was a gap after all was said and done. Had to make a 'custom' piece from flex track. Ain't pretty, but it works. Maybe as I'm going back over the pieces and closing any gaps I'll discover what I did or didn't do. Or maybe its a layout plan snafu. You know I had to put some rolling stock down and a couple of structures.
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